Joomla or Wordpress membership levels

Joomla or Wordpress membership levels


Job Description

I am looking for someone that can create a plugin/module for either Joomla or Wordpress, unless you have another idea. I have a basic structure of what I need which is listed below... I am open to any suggestions.

The member will pay for registration which will allow them to create a personal profile. The member will be able to invite friends to view their profile. The member will choose who can and cant see certain sections/tabs or fields of the profile. The last part to the profile is that the profile is locked from viewing until a link is clicked in a generated email.

For example Friend 1 will have access to view all contact information, however friend 2 will only have access to the name and phone number. Friend 3 can only view the members name.

I can go into more detail on the website if you contact me with ideas. Also in your response if you could please estimate the amount of hours it would take to complete the task.