LAMP Developer - Flexible Hours

LAMP Developer - Flexible Hours


Job Description

This is a great opportunity for an aspiring PHP developer wanting to increase their skills and work on professional projects.

- Linux
- Git/SVN

I'm an experienced consultant looking to add some fulltime PHP developers to my team.

If you are eager to increase your skills in the area of web development, I'll guide you in professional tools and standards.

You should have at some experience with the above technologies.

We use SCM technologies and a Local - Staging - Production server workflow.

You can work on any *nux based system, ie Linux, Mac or Windows + cygwin, so long as you can develop and the code is compatible with the staging server.

As I expect you to have a lot of time spent troubleshooting, researching things online and asking me questions, this will be a fixed price job, with milestone payments upon my verification of completed functionality uploaded to the staging server.

Please complete the below linked form for me to assess your suitability to work together:

I’m looking forward to working with you and bringing you onto my team!