Lawyer needed. Australian Criminal Law

Lawyer needed. Australian Criminal Law


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I am searching for an Odesk Lawyer who can help me provide a substantial defensive case with a recent legal matter which occurring between myself and another party. I have been accused for the offense of "Unlawful Use of a Motor Vehicle". I have been falsely accused for not stealing but sitting in the drivers seat of a motor vehicle for which I did not own. I was at the scene where the incident occurred but did not commit the accused offense. The only evidence in which I was charged comes from several eye witnesses' which say they saw me in the motor vehicle, though there is no evidence to justify the claim. Below are 2 links with more information on the accused offense and further details from our rules and regulations under the Queensland Legislation. I am in need of a skilled lawyer to provide a written clear communication and instruction of defence for this matter. This successful applicant will be paid an hourly rate for his/her case study research or a fixed rate can be arranged before commencement if preferred.

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Skills: legal-services

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