Lead IT Developer / Project Manager

Lead IT Developer / Project Manager


Job Description

Develop and oversee the IT capability for an emerging solar power financing company based in Greenpoint, NYC.

About Ad Energy
- Ad Energy is a rapidly growing solar power financing company based in Greenpoint, NYC
- We are a tight team of passionate for solar and passionate for building an economic and non-polluting energy infrastructure for our society
- We are looking for bright and energetic individuals to join our team and help us build a world class company

Key short term goals
- Develop integrated customer, billing, and solar power production database
- Develop technologies to automate large parts of solar system design and system monitoring
- Upgrade existing salesforce.com partner portal, including document management, credit bureau integration, e-signature, workflow and project management features

Key skill requirements
- Able to manage projects to on time on budget completion using internal and external resources (consultants, tech providers)
- Ability to aid business managers in making trade-offs with IT requests, resourceful, able to find creative solutions to problems
- Ability to think long term about suitable IT architecture for the company as it grows
- Not afraid to roll up the sleeves and crank out some code / configurations
- 3-5 years work experience

Technical Skills

- Experience with Salesforce.com APEX
- Web Tech: Java, HTML5, PHP, CMS (Wordpress)
- Database: SQL, MYSQL

Skills: billing, design, salesforce.com, management, apex