Linux Email Server Administration

Linux Email Server Administration


Job Description

We are setting up our own server in linux and also using an opensource Mail server. To make the life of our admin easy, we need a domain management tool like webmin/ iredadmin and etc which is capable of creating domains and associate information as mentioned below.

-We want to have one super admin who can create domains and create domain manager and assign domain manager(s) to each domain. Domain manager will further create domain users and can create groups, assign mail quota.

- In this process, we want to create two types of domains – one is for our internal purpose like employees logging in using the domain and once they are done, they will have access to the server based on the policies and privileges assigned to them. There can be multiple internal domains and so user should be able to type in their user name, password and select one of the internal domain and do login in.
- Need some GUI tool or scripting to assign policies that governs the access levels of the users for SAMBA
- The other type of domain is for mailing server and will be associated with mail server. So this can be used to send and receive mails.
- The above should be supported in IPV4 and IPV6
- Please refer the attached diagrams which will help to understand better.

Candidate from chennai is preferable.

Skills: linux, management, administration