Look For an AMAZING Graphic Designer!

Look For an AMAZING Graphic Designer!


Job Description

We want to make this ad short and to the point. We are a company that has many website ideas in store and waiting to create.

However we are looking for a specific team.
A specific group of people.

Do you think in DESIGN?

Do you understand the teachings and principles of design thinking?

You see we don't want to just have you execute a task like a machine or only be designing when we assign you a task.

We want you to think in design.
We want you to give us feedback and suggestions with design ideas.
We want you to work with us and with that we mean that you become a part of our company.

We have a strong understanding of the mindsets that drives Google's and Apple's success and we think we have a good chance.

We believe in our employees having fun working with us but we also would consider you as more than an employee, as part of a whole.

Respond if you think you have that design edge we are looking for.

Are you talented in design and also have strong group skills and leadership qualities?

We want to hear from you.

Please let us know your contact info and what you feel makes you a great designer and how you think you fit our qualifications.

When you reply please let us know the following.
1. What does "design thinking" mean to you?
2. What are the main programs that you have mastered?
3. Are you willing to work for a portion of equity in the company or project?
4. What is the main reason you chose graphic design as a work and career?

Thank you for consider this position and we look forward to talking to you soon.


Dorian Oddi
Project manager, Idea Inc.