Looking for Fulltime Web Design Team

Looking for Fulltime Web Design Team


Job Description

I am trying to build a team that can put stuff together FAST. I am constantly working on new projects every week and I can't afford to "wait".

I also want the BEST quality out there period. No Excuses.

Ok now that I got that out of the way. Trust me I'm not some jerk I'm actually a lot of fun and fun to work with. I want someone to join "my team".

If you like to be able to grow with a very successful company and get some nice unexpected bonuses whenever my product launches do good etc... then this is for you.

If you like HIGH ENERGY... then this is for you.

I need CREATIVE people. Dreamers.

Here are some examples of sites that I like to create...



Good Formatting:


You will need to know CSS and HTML like the back of your hand and consider
yourself one of the best photoshoppers in the world. ;) Yup I just said that.

If you're looking to be my boss... don't bother bidding. You will work for me... you will be happy for a long time... if not forever... and your wife and kids will eat nicely. ;)

Ok enough jokes... lets get to business. You got what it takes? Message me back with your BEST work. I'm talking AWESOME blogs, Successful products that launched that you designed... etc.

Let the games begin.

to let me know you read all of this please put *apples before the message.

Skills: design

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