Looking for GREAT VA that wants to change the world

Looking for GREAT VA that wants to change the world


Job Description

I work on a variety of projects with the mission of improving the world in a big way.

I have a variety of tasks that require
- Great communication skills
- someone very smart
- capable of adapting quickly
- very organized
- capable of organizing and instructing others
- on demand (as this won't be full time, but I would like you accessible by Skype especially during US biz hours)
- Very tech savvy

Initially I would start you off with a few small tasks and as you prove competent we can increase to bigger and perhaps more challenging tasks.
This could turn into a full time position if you're good at it and you want it.


1- Why are you best person for this role?
2 - How soon can you get started?
3 - What time zones are you available and what hours in the day?
4 - How much "free" time do you have available in an average day or week?
5 - Are you interested in a full time position?
6 - What is your minimum expected pay for part time / full time work?