Looking for JAVA developer with experience in PLAY Framework.

Looking for JAVA developer with experience in PLAY Framework.


Job Description


I am looking for a developer that can make few changes and bug solving on the back end server and Android side of our app. This should be a quick task for a experienced JAVA developer that dominates the PLAY FRAMEWORK. Please don't apply if you are not experienced with that framework.

You will have the support of a Android Developer to work with you on this issue, on the android side. It shouldn't take no more the 2-3 hours to get this solved.

Take a look at our app:


The server that you need to work on is here

Tast #1: Basically I need you to create a new method and generate a .war on the server using the play framework and the paths I am going to give to you. The war will get user and password, save on the database, and then send an email. We will setup a PostgreSQL database and hope that works. If that works we are done with this task. If that doesn't work we will have to figure it out if the paths in android are correct (you will have the support of a Android Developer for this)

Task #2: make sure that a function of the android app is working correctly. I will tell more about this function when I show you the app

Task #3: We are going to change the the splash screen of and point that to a statistic page. So instead of the login on the Java script we will have a static page. Really easy.

Requirements/skill set:

a) Linux/EC2/AWS (Amazon Web services)
b) Java Tomcat
c) Jboss
c) Postgres database
d) JAva Play Framework (VERY IMPORTANT)

a) You MUST be able to start asap. I really want to get this done today (or tonight depending where you are :))
b) You must be organized. Please send a small sample of your code. There are few people that are working on this app, so your code needs to be clean and fully commented.
c) You will need to sign and NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement) and a work for hire agreement. (sorry, our attorney wouldn't let us do without it :))
d) Let me know how many hours you estimate to finish the 3 tasks above

Also please make sure that you read this email. I hate spam as much as you do, and I will just answer to those, that actually read the email, sent me a sample code and are available. If I notice you didn't read my ad, or your reply is coming from a canned response, I will have to automatically delete your response.



Skills: linux, amazon