Looking for a Professional/EXPERT WP programmer and PIXEL Perfect designer | Need this project done within 14 days. + ADD some extra functions/menus.

Looking for a Professional/EXPERT WP programmer and PIXEL Perfect designer | Need this project done within 14 days. + ADD some extra functions/menus.


Job Description

Hi, i want a website, something like this website:

I need to be ablet to manage all from the admin/control panel.

But i don't need to have all menus.
I don't need to have this menus:
1. Sessions
2. Videos
3. Premium
4. Tutorials

The menus i want to have:
1. Home
2. Daily GiveAway
3. Reviews
4. Article Service
5. SEO-Tools
6. Tips
7. Write For us
8. About
9. Usage
10. Advertise

In the menu "SEO-Tools" so should the script: SEO Script PRO be installed / integrated on/inside the menu and it should match my theme that i have.

In the menu "Reiews":
1. So should i be able to Give Reviews to different types of products.
2. I should be able to give 1 to 5 Stars of the product.
3. I should be able to make a list of the top 5 Good thing with it and a list with the
5 bad things with it.
4. I should be able to add up to 4 images of it with light box on them.

In the menu "Article Service"
So should some kind of payment system be integrated were they can purscahse Articles. They should be able to make orders of articles.. And fill in forms on how they want to have the articles..
1. Title
2. keyword Density
3. SEO Adjusted (YES, NO)
4. Amount of words
5. Deadline / Delivery time.

They should also fill in:
Full name

They have to fill in all forms to be able to make an order.
and a "Check box" were they agree to some terms.
After they have made the payment so should they be redirect back to some page were it says "Thank you for you orders, it will be proceed now and we will get back to you as soon as possible.
+ a Info box above it with text.

Advertise menu:
It should be like this:

But after you press the button "Buy now"
So should you be taken to a second menu and there you should be able to fill in a form of the standard information like name, email, paypal email, and so on and what ad you like to buy and how long you want it to show + the price for it. They should be able to pay with paypal or something. Paypal should be integrated. They should be able to upload a image for the ad too. All information they fill in + Image should be sent to my e-mail after they have made the order. Also here it should be a check box for the terms and after they have paid they should be taken back to another page were it says "thanks for your order, it's being proceed now"

I should be able to manage it from the backend. YOU should NOT be taken to "buysellads.com" when you press the buy now button on my website.

On the right side - The right menu.. I only need to have the:
1. Statictis of the RSS subscribers, Twitter Followers and Facebook fans.
2. The small and big ads.
3. The join our News letter!

I also got quite many of this things completed already. Or half done. If that helps. I tried to make this website a half a year ago. But the programmers never completed it so im trying again. You can check the codes if you like. But the css and stuff is suppouse to be a little mess.

Things need fixing:
* The website also need to be ON-PAGE Adjuset as much as it can be.
*MaxCDN need to be installed.
* You need to make so the website loads as fast as possible
* Meaning clean codes and such.
* Website need to be WC3-Validated.

Things I need to know from YOU(You need to answer this questions in the application):
1. The time it will take for each single tasks + The total time
2. How many days you work each week + How many hours you work each day
3. How many will be working on this
4. How fast you can complete this
5. How detailed you are in every Function in frontend and backend.
6. How deatiled you are in all Design part. If you are pixel perfect
7. How long time you need for testing and making sure everything work flawless / to a 100%.
8. How often i can talk to you on skype every day. How many hours will you be online ?

Answer the 8 questions when you apply to this job!


Skills: on-page, design

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