Looking for a professional quality of Lead Vocal.

Looking for a professional quality of Lead Vocal.


Job Description

Hi I'm an electronic Producer and DJ and I recently found this website by gooling.

I'm now composing,creating a song for first album!

As I make music arrangement,write melody,measure sound, I need someone who is pro (or semi pro) and can sing my song for real!

I don't wanna cheat anybody neither wanna get cheated by stranger.

So Please believe me When we done our job I will pay you after for sure.

- Essential ability that what you need -

who likes sing

who has a more than 500 - 800$ of Microphone to record.

who can write Lyrics on it.

who loves music (electronic or jazz,harmonic,ballad,dance,hiphop whatsoever)

who has a sample demo song so I can hear it before get working.

who can afford it at least 1 week at per song.(so I can pay you surely in one week)

who may like David Guetta,Afrojack,avicii,or others etc..cause My skillful work may not get lost against their sound quality..

Thats it ! and I really wanna be working with you as professional.

Cost - the cost I will pay you for one song is 105 $ and If you wanna write lyrics, I will pay 140$ .

My voice is not that good and I'm not really good at singing but I deadly love music..so I want you guys who have potential voice or remarkable voice, I wanna raise that voice and Make professinal without too much cost.

First of all, You should love music.. lets music talk..You don't have to love My music (if some part is not good for you ) so that you can revise some part in my music. :)
If you do love music, don't miss this it could be your chance to be gaining your first pure reputation with me :)
I hope you can be my singer (in best case) or good work mate will be cool who is trustworthy then :)

So you should send me back because

we working via email. :)



Skills: producer