Magento Project

Magento Project


Job Description

To give you an idea. Here is the customers current site:

Here is the PSD mock up of the new homepage:

And here is the dev url where we were going to start building:

Here's the catch - since I can;t get a hold of the old guy - I don;t have the login info for Magento. I do have FTP info as I am able to create a user and password for FTP access.

I have images of everything we probably need in terms of products for the site. I can share those with you thru google drive.

Take a look at the above links and let's discuss the few changes they want made to the homepage look. ie. Lighter on top - they're not sold on the black banner on top.

Please let me know if you have any questions - I will make myself available to start working on this. Also, what is your google username so I can share the google drive folder with all the images?

Still need to know what you think about timeframe and price.


Skills: banner