Magento configurable product functionality

Magento configurable product functionality


Job Description

Pls read carefully until the end.
participate only if you are familiar

what i realy need is the images functionality. not interest on the other parts of extension functionalities since we uploadin simple and configurable products throught web service
here is the demo page

here, you can see a configurable product.

the 6 images bellow the big one, are the main image of each simple product.
the 3 images on the left of this big images, are the 3 images of the simple product.

what we need is that...

a) when clicking on one of the bellow images (simple product) load the base image and the other 3 of the selected product.

b) when selecting from the attributes the color, display the the apropriate simple product images. (base and 3 small)

the last requirment depends on your functionality.

witch set of images do you display when i land to this configurable product? mean, before make any selection??

what we need is to display the product with biggest stock in color...

pls read the following.. is what we need in product page.
after read it, do let me know, how much time you need to complete it

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