Manage Excess Link Building Campaigns for SEO Firm

Manage Excess Link Building Campaigns for SEO Firm


Job Description

DESCRIPTION: Your task will be to manage excess SEO campaigns that our SEO firm generates. We will provide operational personnel (entry-mid level link researchers, content writers, etc)

We are not outsourcing for a lack of knowledge or skill; we simply have more campaigns than our management can oversee. We know the difference between strong and weak SEO. We know the type of strategies we will want you to integrate.

We need a detail-oriented professional who understands how to manage a team and produce top-notch SEO results. You should be capable of performing our central practices below, as well as producing your own educated insight.

Among our central practices: (You will need to sign an NDA before we share details)

A) Guest Blogging. A lot of people do it; few can match the strength of our processes. We've procured a lot of A+ blog placements using a streamlined system of research and outreach.

B) Creating bait pages. Creation of pages geared towards special interest groups/nonprofits. We follow it with email campaign targeting those very entities.

C) Obtaining news plugs. We interact with reporters seeking industry quotes/sources.

D) Page sponsorships: Done sparingly and strategically.

E) Email outreach to direct competitor's back links, (followed by appropriate outreach campaign).

F) Research of indirect competitors' for leg up. (For instance, if we did a campaign for a credit repair company, we'll research websites in other personal finance verticals)

You will spend 10-20 hours per week in your capacity.

Skills: outsourcing, management, research, backlinking

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