Marketing/Community manager

Marketing/Community manager


Job Description


I am launching a platform that allows testing of location aware applications from developers' desktops/simulators. The website is hosted on wordpress and the backend application is written in java.

I am looking to hire a marketing/community manager to perform the following functions. Please provide solid samples of your previous work, your approach to marketing a startup in the geolocation, geotriggers and places/POI data space.

Google analytics are set up and integrated with website, some backlinks created, on/off page optimization not yet completed, lead generation done primarily through personal networks thus far, social media accounts setup and active to some extent, some videos created, website is behind a 'coming soon' plugin.

Needed functions:

Pay Per Click Advertising
Driving relevant visitors through Google and Bing Ads
A/B Testing so you I see the best performing keywords and ads

Creating banner ads to show people who have come to your site but left without signing up
Retargeting these visitors to entice them to convert
Working with a company/companies that retargets on a pay-per-conversion basis so you only pay when you capture a lead or sale

Search Engine Optimization
Identifying keywords that show high search volume, low competition and commercial intent (e.g. geolocation, testing geolocation in simulator, geotriggers, geofences, places/POI data)
Optimizing my website around these keywords
Building links on other high ranking sites that point to content on my pages to increase my authority
Focusing on getting those visitors to convert

Setting up and running conversion goals
Setting up and running Google Experiments
Testing and Iterating

Social Media Marketing
Positioning me as an expert in the "location as a service" space
Managing my Google Plus, Twitter, LinkedIn accounts
Posting and sharing your content through these channels
Building your Twitter following

Email Marketing
Building my list for nurturing prospects
Writing my autoresponder sequences
Setting up my email marketing provider by segmenting and targeting the right customers at the right time
Putting in calls to action and developing offers so prospects convert to customers

PR in the mobile space
Develop my media kit
Write and submit press releases
Gain media features in relevant blogs, websites etc.

Skills: marketing, banner