Marketing & Lead Gen: Strategy & Implementation

Marketing & Lead Gen: Strategy & Implementation


Job Description

Our company provides web and mobile development services.
We have a team of experts in every step of the creation of applications from planning, to design, to prototyping, to development, to launch.
The one thing we don't have is a marketing department.

Until now we've relied solely on referrals from existing customers, and it's brought us to this point. However, in order to really grow as a company we need to start to take marketing seriously.

To that effect, we're looking to do business with either a company or individuals who can help us generate new business.

The exact means and skills used to accomplish this are irrelevant (Inbound marketing, direct in-person networking, SEO, ODesk/Elance submitting). The budget we're willing to allocate will be directly proportional to what you can deliver.

We will choose who we do business with based on the answers we get to the qualifying questions.

We're very serious buyers looking to get started shortly. We look forward to hearing from equally serious, skilled professionals.