Marketing manager

Marketing manager


Job Description

This job is to promote amongst the UK employment law community. A payment of 100 dollars will be made for each deal.

An introductory offer;

In order to complete the website and organise publicity we are planning to sell advertising on the site. This will consist of a personalised 'Helpful Bubble' with the options of a direct link to an external site and/or a form harvesting as much or as little information as required.

The 'Helpful Bubble' will last for 12 months (ending 1st January 2014) and cost £600. This offer is only open to people getting in at the beginning. Other than 'Helpful Bubble' owners once functioning and bringing in clients the information harvested will be sold.

The site will be fully functional by January 1st 2013 at the latest.

We are planning a spectacular publicity stunt working with the Art Faculty of Plymouth University, UK, for Early 2013. This involves a Guinness Book of Records attempt and is sure to attract national interest.

To apply for this promoter role we require competence, proof of performance will be reflected in the pay.

We hope to hear from you soon.

Skills: marketing