Modify PHP/Mysql script + URL rotator & tracker

Modify PHP/Mysql script + URL rotator & tracker


Job Description

This is a downline builder membership based script that needs to be modified to automatically report in each particular member's stats area --exactly how many signups have come in from the URL rotator--which will be used in our online marketing. The member's area already reports how many signups, but we need to show a subtotal of signups which came in specifically from the URL rotator.

The URL rotator should be full featured (using PHP is probably best) with at least these features:

1) Be able to assign weight (so that certain urls can get more hits than the rest).
2) Have the ability to add urls any day of the month, but that url needs to automatically become inactive (or dropoff) after 30 days.
3) A master rotator included or master URL's which stay in and do not drop off after 30 days.
4) Advert Click Tracker (to track source of hits)
5) Public Rotator Stats-- show all your links and hits to each on a single page (so our members can see this data for their URL and hits to their downline members sites.
6) An easy to use system to generate tracking urls... this can be made accessed from the same admin area as the rotator, but is not really part of the's a good example of a professional tracker:

To get an idea of some of the features we need in the rotator, you can check out: