Modify responsive HTML5/CSS3 theme to fit new design

Modify responsive HTML5/CSS3 theme to fit new design


Job Description

We’re looking for an expert HTML5/CSS3 developer who can modify our responsive base template to match the look and feel of our designs. We want clean code and bonus points if you’re fluent in PHP but HTML skills come first.

We’ve modeled the design of our website after this responsive theme:

We will provide the developer with the full download of this theme to work from.

We have custom designed (17 pages) to that are roughly based on this theme in Photoshop and these need to be developed to work with this template. Most pages match very well to the templates implementation but some will require a bit more work.

We also want the new designs that are being converted to HTML to be responsive. The base template that is included currently is responsive.

Once the pages have been converted to HTML/CSS, we will be outsourcing the back development of our website to another contractor. If you or your team has the ability to do the backend development as well, please mention in your application.

17 pages to be developed:
Search Page
Search Results Page
Signup (5 tabs stepped process)
View Profile Page
Edit Profile (5 tabs)
Contact Us
Login Page

Only 4 stars and 100+ hours need apply. We have similar projects coming down the line soon and hope to find someone we can have a long term relationship with.

Skills: design, outsourcing