Modx modific + Moodle + BigBlueButton integration

Modx modific + Moodle + BigBlueButton integration


Job Description


we are looking for a modx/moodle developer for to do some levels access modific for the signup user and increase the payment option from the FoxyCart payment system

Job Dettails:
1) Modx modification, the focus point is:
a) create a member area for signup user, the signup user can be free user or paid user.
Some content are only for Paid User Membership and not for free user, but free users can buy the private content if they are intrested.
Some other content will only for Paid User Memebership and is not possible buy the only single content.
Some other content will be buy from both Paid User Membership and Free Signup User. Both this users need to pay for access to some specific resource.

I think is possible tag the resource like:
no-signup: for the not-signup user
Free: for the free signup user
Paid: for the Paid membership user (and the free user can pay for have some single resource)
Exlusive: Paid and Free user need to pay this resource.

2) Moodle:
is need to create and integration with Modx user and Moodle for allow the user that paid for a Elearning course to enter in moodle and follow his course/s

3) BigBlueButton:
a) is need to make an integration in modx for manage the web seminar and the classroom (there are many php example on website) is need to make an integration.

b) the webinar will be sell truth the FoxyCart system (like everything else) and is need to manage the access to the bigbluebutton seminar online only to the user that pay for this.

c) add a serach system tool on modx for allow the user to see whhat type of content there is in the web site.

More info and the root access in PM.
The server is a Ubuntu 10.04 server, there is already install moodle + bigbluebutton.
Server web Nginx php+mysql