MySQL guru with PHP skills

MySQL guru with PHP skills


Job Description

I have a number of dedicated servers, and lots of accounts linking to one database. The sites are not that busy. But every 20 mins or so I get a massive influx of connections which takes the DB server down. As the DB server is on another location with my tech skill I have not been able to locate where these connections are coming from.

I have locked the DB down only to take connections from the 2 live web servers.

So I am guessing something using my own scripts against me, DOS etc? OR something has managed to get in and alter one of my scripts OR their is a file that has been added into one of the sites that is able to hit the DB.

I need someone who knows PHP, is very skilled at tracking down problems. And wants a challange. Someone who wants a long term working relationship with some PHP ongoing work to improve the system.