Need a large detailed fictional wolf drawn.

Need a large detailed fictional wolf drawn.


Job Description

Background: This forum board I have recently created sponsors the "Iron Wolves", an online gaming club. I have been tasked with getting a dark looking "mascot" put together and I have absolutely no photoshop or creativity skills at all.

I was envisioning a very dark grey (even black?) wolf with red eyes. Standing sideways (to the right) and looking towards the viewer barring teeth. I was thinking something similar to this Please do not just use this image with edits. Create something SIMILAR but unique.

The addition, to make the wolf an "iron" wolf, I would like there to be some sort of iron plating over him. Noting too over the top, just iron plated armor on the head, back and tail.

Not looking for anything cartoonish, realism is king here. Essentially, the winner is the artist who can find an evil black wolf in the darkest forest on earth, strap him with armor and snap a picture of him poised to maul them. Also, please make the render at LEAST 1500px wide.

Watermark your renders and submit them here for me to choose the best one. This is very intricate (sorry) and may require edits, so I am paying well for it and also crediting the artist on the website. Thank you to all submitters in advance.


PLEASE REMEMBER: This is NOT a logo. It is a .png image of an ironclad wolf.

Skills: rendering, gaming