Need short consultation with Nanacast API expert

Need short consultation with Nanacast API expert


Job Description

I need someone to help my web developer figure out how to get nanacast working on our new membership site. He has been working on it for several days and tells me he is out of ideas and I am out of time. I need this working ASAP!

The website is a PHP platform using Kohana Framework. The problem is the Outgoing API calls from Nanacast are reporting that the calls are going out but our site is never receiving anything.

He has tried using the documentation Nanacast has for using Wordpress and convert that to Kohana but it just does not work.

Nanacast support says it is because he has Javascript code on the receiving API code. Regardless if that is the reason or not he has tried just having it point to a blank page and even tried having it dump to a file. There is no error message. Nanacast API is reporting that the output has been sent and the site is never receiving it.

My web developer is very experienced and has worked with other shopping carts but never Nanacast. Anyone who has worked with Nanacast before knows their documentation can be somewhat lacking.

What I am looking for is a web developer who has experience working with Nanacast and may have some clue what the problem is.

Please do not apply unless you have experience using Nanacast API.

I am thinking maybe an hour or two of your time to get on skype and walk my developer through this.

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