Need to build a basic online task management app

Need to build a basic online task management app


Job Description

Very basic, for a niche market. Only thing this online app does it allow people to add to a task list (either by filling in a form, or uploading from a CSV) and then report on the tasks in the system (sort by any field) and generate a few pretty graphs so people can look good for their managers ;) I know there are many project management tools out there (eg BaseCamp) but they do WAY more than I need - we're only looking for the "get a list of tasks" part of these.

Design wise, I want it to be slick (like an Apple product) but with bright colours and basic easy to understand icons. I can mock-up a basic design that we can build on, given I'm a web designer!

The account management is basic - there are 3 kinds of account: super admin (me); company admin; and user.
Super admin - can see everything
Company admin - basic user + ability to create teams (one master task list per team) and add/remove users to teams
User - can be a member of more than one team; can add tasks and print reports.

To be a central location for teams to list tasks they are working on, and to produce reports.

Upload a task:
- Task Name || task
- Task Owner || owner
- Task status (open / closed / postponed) || status
- Task progress (green, yellow, red) || progress
- Percentage complete || percent
- Due date
- Who is working on it? || workers
- Comments || comments
- Import via CSV || labels above to be used to map CSV columns to task fields.

Reporting – can sort/display by every field except comments:
- List by task status
- List by task owner
- List by percentage complete
- Graph by status
- Graph by percentage
- Graph by open/closed (monthly)
- Print (sort) list by status / due / percentage / owner / project

Users can print a list of tasks they are tagged in, either as owner or worker.

TEAM ADMIN account
- Basic user functionality plus:
o Team Name
o Team Members

USER account
- Change password
- Upload a task by form/csv
- Print reports
- Unique user ID so they can be added to more than one team within company

Other functionality:
- Tasks are archived 28 days after they are marked ‘closed’
o Cannot be edited when archived
o List report can be printed based on date closed (month)

That's pretty much it! Looking to develop this as SAAS and sell accounts to companies.

Happy to discuss the best way to do this. Please show of similar database driven work you've done. Anyone who calls me "Sir" will automatically be deleted, coz I'm not a Sir... and it will prove you haven't read the requirements all the way through. We're also looking for a relevant bid response - those cut/paste/we-submit-the-same-thing-to-everyone-and-hope-they-hire-us responses will also be deleted.

As for budget, this is the absolute most I've been able to get out of our finance department... and even then, they're not happy at spending that much (they'd prefer to keep using their excel spreadsheets!). Please do not bid above this price. Sorry :(

Thanks for your consideration!

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Please note, that - like all our jobs - this is advertised elsewhere and may be filled outside Odesk.

Skills: management, design, import