Need to run app on the browser (Alternative to XenApp ? )

Need to run app on the browser (Alternative to XenApp ? )


Job Description

Let me try to explain my project.

I am building a webapplication for small companies that will have a lot of things. Like a webmail client, a webchat, a document manegment system. And among other things as well it will need to have a way to access their business application remotaly as well. Most of their application are built in delphi and I need to open their application on the web browser.

I am not sure how to do that but I am starting to think about something like citrix but opensouce. And that provides a way to open that application in the browser.

Like XenApp does.

This is a inicial step only as I am looking to see first if things can be done. If so I am willing to pay a lot of money to get this done.

I am looking more for people who have both programing and server / netrwork skills.

Please provide your skype IDs and then we can discuss this.

Thank You

Skills: citrix, xen, server-administration

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