Netsuite/JCurve Developer

Netsuite/JCurve Developer


Job Description

Job Description

We are looking for an experienced NetSuite developer to both help us configure our internal use of Netsuite but also help us with customer configurations.

We require a NetSuite developer to assist with some projects of all size within a specified time frame who is familiar with:

• SuiteScript
• SuiteCloud
• SuiteTalk
• Web Services (SOAP, WSDL, XSD)
• SuiteCommerce (Web Store/E-Commerce Intergration)
• SuiteFlow
• SuiteBundler
• SuiteBuilder

Our immediate project requires the following:

• On the employee record again the IM as the primary Time/Expense Approver for billable time; thereafter, their Supervisor. Non-billable time should flow through as normal.
• Add a new field to the Project record that allows the user to select the customer address where the project is taking place. Include all address information for later reporting.
• Add a custom field to the Time Tracking forms, both individual and weekly, allowing the employee to indicate when the entry is ready for approval.
Modify the Approval window (form) to select on time transactions that are ready.
• Add a pop-up window at the beginning of the process to remind people to “Please attach electronic documents, complete timesheets, etc.” Separate and route non-project time ( i.e. PTO ) and route to Supervisor instead of IM.
• Setup reoccurring email to users (e.g. 15th and 30th) reminding them to submit their timesheets.
• Add a Check Box to the Task record to indicate “Non-Billable”.
• On the Time Tracking entry (individual and weekly) disable the Billable option by scripting a lookup of the selected task and verifying T/F.
• Add a Custom Field on the Approve Time form to alert the person approving time that the project/project task is over budget – either hours of dollars (actual v. estimated work; project price v. estimated gross profit).
• Modify Time and Expense Approval process to change the project state. Flip the project state to “In Progress” when any time/expense is reported against any task on the project.
• Add a drop-down field to the Project record allowing the operator to select Fixed, Discount or Regular Price.
• A Dashboard item to alert the IM to accounts where the amount charged to the project is within 10% of the project total.
• Modify Invoice format to include task description on the first line and the Memo comments on the line(s) below.
• Sub-total hours at bottom of invoice. Modify form to accumulate hours.

Hourly – Est. Time More than 6 months, Full-time – 40 hrs/week

Similar to the items above, development projects will be provided with a complete overview of the business requirements, custom record/elements design and a timeline for completion. All work will need to be documented to provide our customers with a history of the changes to their system.

We require that the consultant maintain a clear line of communications with the ERP Implementation Manager and respond to inquiries in a timely manner. Developer must be available for collaboration via Google Talk during business hours 8am – 4pm PST.

Skills: netsuite, wsdl, design