New Features On Social Network Website.

New Features On Social Network Website.


Job Description

Our website is powered by socialengine script, which is in php base on zendframework. Which is still easy to use HTML etc it is still under development which no public data no traffic, we need the following features as listed below to be implemented on the website.


E.g When a user click to send a friend request. The request take should take effect with one click only, (no confirm) or pop up.

We have two profile type. Users on this profile type should fans instead of friends.
Their fans can like, comments, post on their walls but should not be able to send private messages to the leaders.

A Christian calendar on users profile that will automatically show holy days in the holy Christianity. (calendar dates and details will be provided by me)

Users can send and received prayer request from their friends with just a single click This section should support adding, photos, videos, graphics images.

When a user submit a prayer to fulfill a request, he/she can allow friends to contribute to the prayers similar to the (like button which shows that Mr A, B, C contributed to you prayer and their profile photo appearing by the side as well.

On this same prayer section should be two clickable buttons similar to (like) one for Amen and one for Thank you. This buttons should be clickable one when a prayer has been submitted.

Within this same prayers sections user have the option to share a miracles when their prayers had been answered..

Users can select any of their friends or any leader to be their God father and God mother (one each) can separate from them anytime or change them any time. (the person who had been requested to become a God father or God mother can accept or reject the request. )

Users can select a maximum of their friends to be their Sister and/or Brother in Christ. (can change or remove them any time) (the member on the other side will have to either accept or reject the request. (similar to the family feature in facebook)

User get virtual coins depending on their activities. (not activity points) this coins goes into their virtual basket.

Here, users use the coins they gain to make a thanks giving. Thanks giving should have a start and end date. When a user decide to make a thanks giving, he/she will invite their friends who will come to this section and contribute in some of their own coin to raise the amount of coins of the person making the thanks giving. Their photo and how much they contributed should be listed. The total amount of coin for the user making the thanks giving should automatically be updating as friends contribute and at the end of the thanks giving, the contributors will be listed according to rank depending on how much they contributed.

This is a graphics images sharing system in which users can add text to template pre-made and then share with their friends. Users also have an option to upload their own design graphics (ready graphics) or pre-made templates. They should have no control of graphics they upload and the should not be able to delete or altered them. (all uploaded graphics must be approve by admin before they go public. All graphics should carry the lordstring watermark .

Note: you are not require to design the graphics/templates for development purposes use any graphics meanwhile we will take care of the templates )

Everything function above should be link and synchronized to work together through out the network. And all the buttons should be easily found on users profiles.

Skills: graphics, design, dhtml, facebook