New Website

New Website


Job Description

- "To join the club which will then be divided into association clients / association activities. Within this page will open a form to fill out with all user data, and should also provide the opportunity to pay the membership fee with credit card online.
- We then go to the "sales" that will share in boats New and Used Boats. Two pages which must contain a list of a second-hand boats, with detailed information, photos, and video. Another must contain a list of new boats, always with detailed photos and movies.
- "Brokers and charter company." Page with list of all brokers and yacht charter company. You must then open a page for each company where there will be all the details.
- "Cantieri" page with a list of all the shipyards producers as well as sites of storage.
- "Design" in this section we provide a page where you will be listed from time to time the various projects of ships boats etc. ..
But we must also think of a section where the user will have a small program with the ability to make their own boat or at least have the possibility to configure it as well as also happens with cars.
- "Sailing" page with a list of boats for hire. When you click the desired model, will open a page with all the detailed info of the boat and will also be referred to the company that hires.
- "Routes" there will be a list of areas of navigation with detailed info and tips on where to go and what to do. (Later we also provide guides in print for sale)
- "Ports" list of all marinas, with detailed info on the location and the services it offers. For each marina must also be indicated if there are berths availability and costs, including rent.
- "Salons" list of boat shows with dates and places where they take place. We must provide for the possibility to organize the participation of small businesses, as well as have the opportunity to sell tickets directly.
- "Economy" here will be all the news from the world of sailing, the birth of new realities, etc. ....
- "Work" list of people looking for work in the nautical and list of companies offering work in the marine industry.
- "Race" all sailing events
- "Classes / Training" as well as indicating the classic license courses etc. .... It must also indicate all the various training courses.
- "Events"
- "Movies"
- "Club" socialnetwork

some info more

hello here you an example of website that we like

we need even a selling and buy section
with multilpel account

where all can add their sectrion page

Skills: design, training