OpenVPN Services based Website Development

OpenVPN Services based Website Development


Job Description


We are looking to launch a fully functional and automated VPN service, support on the following is required;

1. Setting up VPN on a hosting service, OpenVPN might be recommended although you are free to work with what you view best.

2. Creating a control panel so that we can administrate customers and view their information, like their usage and payment information etc. - Suggest WHMCS

3. Configuring auto expiration on customer accounts; for example if they cancel their subscription or their payment fails. (WHMCS would do this)

4. Developing a professional looking website to sell VPN account based services with both shared and dedicated IP addresses. We are looking to introduce VOIP services as well.
5. Developing a secure checkout system with payments through PayPal and other payment processors or gateways. ((WHMCS would do this)

6. Create a script which automatically and instantly creates and assigns a username and password to IP addresses based on what the customer has purchased and emails the customer these details.
Would require Custom Desktop Client for the customer to download that would allow connection to the various servers located globally.

7. Example of a similar site would be:- Please review this site to ensure you understand our requirements.

About You:-

1. You will need to be fully experienced with this type of work. In particular - Networks, Server setups, Graphic Design.

2. Examples of similar work will be required.

3. You will be willing to enter ongoing service contracts for future site upgrades and maintenance. (Ongoing Payments)

General Notes:-

1. Milestone payments to be agreed before commencing work.

2. Please include an accurate time scale for project completion.

3. We are looking for people experienced in this field and do not want to waste any time.

Skills: voip, paypal, design