Openwrt consultant

Openwrt consultant


Job Description

Hi Everyone
I am in search of an openwrt consultant for my client. The ideal applicant will be responsible for giving answers as asked by the client Typical question that you will expect are like the one you see below. so please while you apply give me a brief answer to the first question.
If you also have the skills listed here, you might be the person we are looking for;

TCP/IP, Ethernet, 802.11, 802.11n, 802.1x, SNMP, Routers, Bridges
Embedded Linux, 802.11 protocol stack, Device Drivers

1. What is the pro and con of using Linux vs RTOS like on ARM chip.
2. Can we customize wifi to suit our application? we need a private network that is accessed only by our own ARM devices, we will have TCIP stack in the ARM chip and will use wifi chip like Marvell etc. We tried using commercial router and repeaters but at times they hang or traffic slows but we have no clue on why they happen or how to fix them because their internal working is unknown to us. We thus exploring if we can just use our ARM+Marvell wifi chip to create repeaters etc and use our own rules for our wifi network.
3. We also have another application which requires the ARM to have bluetooth link, there will be no wifi on this application. We need advise on choice of bluetooth solution.

Skills: linux, rtos, routers