PHP Script to handle inbound e-mails from mail server

PHP Script to handle inbound e-mails from mail server


Job Description

!!! Please read all requirements before making an offer, all offers that don't read the entire post will be rejected!

I need a solid script for handling thousands of inbound e-mails daily. The PHP script will get the contents piped into from the inbound e-mail server.

The script needs to take the e-mail, parse it into an object (I will create the object, $mailObj->to = "$to").

The script needs to be able to handle attachments and write them to a file, then pass the file location to an external script (it will be a virus scanner - you don't have to worry about this part, I will tell you the system command to call)

Needs to be safe, so no injection from e-mails. Needs to be able to handle bad headers, and if all else fails, save the e-mail contents to a file so we can review it and fix the parser if needed. I don't want to loose any e-mails.

Just to make sure your reading all the requirements, make sure you say "I can read" in your offer somewhere, all offers missing it will be rejected.

You don't have to worry about the database or anything like that. Just parse the e-mail, save the attachments, scan it for viruses, fill an object with the e-mail data (I will create this object). Easy :-)

$150 is my high limit, please don't just bid the max because it's my max...