PHP/mySQL web application development

PHP/mySQL web application development


Job Description


I'm seeking an experienced PHP/mySQL developer with some design skills for a medium-sized project I have coming up.

I'm a PHP developer as well as a Linux systems administrator, and consult to a number of small to medium sized companies in Melbourne, Australia. I have too much work, though, and need some assistance :)
I will act as project manager, and will be responsible for maintaining the codebase once the site is launched.

The site is a community-driven portal where people can find someone to fulfil a need - such as finding a plumber to do a particular piece of work, or find a car trader with a particular make & model of car (examples only). Users will create accounts and log in to both post "services" that are required, or to look for services they can provide.

We have designs done for the major pages for the site. Initially, it doesn't need to look "pretty" - we'd like someone to use a PHP framework such as Yii or FuelPHP or similar, and an HTML/CSS framework such as Twitter Bootstrap, to get a functioning site up and running. We will then skin the site before launch. I anticipate the initial stage of the project taking 80-100 hours, completed over a period of 4-6 weeks.

While you will have some freedom in how the site is developed, I'd like to see work in progress, such as PHP code, SQL table design, etc.

Major skills required : 5+ years PHP/web development/mySQL. Experience with a well-known framework such as Yii or FuelPHP (something more lightweight than say Zend Framework). Excellent HTML/CSS/jQuery/Ajax skills. Experience with Subversion or similar source management.

We will also be building an iOS application to compliment the website - so if you have skills here, or can recommend a developer, all the better.

Can you give me some examples of your work, including :

- any medium to large websites you've built in PHP & mySQL, with or without the use of a framework, preferably including eCommerce functionality.

- examples of sites where you've also been involved in design (as well as programming).

- any sites showing off your knowledge of jQuery.

- what is your preferred PHP framework (if you have one?)

- any experience with HTML/CSS frameworks such as Twitter Bootstrap or similar?

- what is your availability like over the next couple of months ?

- have you been involved in the development of any iOS apps? Particularly any which work in tandem with a website. This is not mandatory - but we will be developing an IOS app as well.

- any experience with the set up of PHP-based web applications on cloud services such as AWS or similar.

Looking forward to your reply,

Peter Skipworth

Skills: design