PHP rockstar wanted

PHP rockstar wanted


Job Description


Young software development company is looking for a young, highly motivated, driven, enthusiastic PHP developer that is willing to grow with our company.

We can't afford more than $1.60/hr currently, which isn't stellar (we're still in bootstrapping phase), however we would like you to grow with us. When a project requires a skill you aren't familiar with, we're fine with you learning this skill partly on our time (prior approval will be required).

Primary project will be recreating a custom CMS for internal usage in PHP. You will have freedom in work hours as long as the job gets done.

Other than that you will assist in other projects.

We require you to have a solid PHP foundation, also object oriented PHP, however we value a motivating and positive work ethic above all.

To make sure your overall skill level is sufficient and as an indication that you are motivated to join our team, we require you to invest approximately 10 hours in 1 interview and two 10 hour test cases.

Application guidelines:
- make sure to start your application with the words system requirements, to make sure you have read the application.
- have a positive attitude and a huge appetite to learn and keep improving your skill set.
- only apply if you are an individual. We don't want to work with agencies, so don't apply if you're representing somebody else than yourself.
- are willing to participate in our evaluation process in which we require you to fill in an application form, do a test case that will take approximately 10 hours to evaluate your current skill level. And if this test case passes our criteria, do a Skype interview. As an indication that you really would like to join our team, we will not be providing payment for this recruitment process.
- also finish your cover letter with the words menu structure so we know you read the whole application
- mention in your cover letter your development experience, personal background, availability and please tell us where you spent the rest of your time on, why you want to join our team and what you expect from working with us.

Skills: mvc

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