PHP work on gravity forms (wordpress)

PHP work on gravity forms (wordpress)


Job Description

I need some help accomplishing something pretty "simple" but I'm not sure of the best way to do it, and don't have the skills. It will involve some basic Wordpress, PHP, and Gravity forms skills. Here's what I want to do:

1. I have clients who come to my (Wordpress) Web site and book appointments.
2. I want to make sure that I can capture first time clients' credit card information when a new client books an appointment, just in case later I need to charge for a "no-show".
3. I have client intake forms on my Web site (Gravity forms-Developer license) which new clients fill out to tell me about themselves.
4. The forms have a credit card field.
5. I want to be able take and save credit card info when a new client fills out the form -- not to charge the card at that time -- but to "secure" the reservation.
6. I may need to charge the card at a later time -- if there is a no show.
7. Currently Gravity forms only makes the last 4 digits visible and it's not possible without some other programming to be able to see all the relevant CC data.

According to Gravity Forums, there are a couple options. 1. create some hidden fields and some PHP programming to rig the form. It involves copying credit card info to admin only or hidden field, I think. The admin support laid out the process and even provided some sample code which should make it pretty basic for someone who knows what they're doing. 2. Use the Gravity Forms + Stripe plugin to make this work … but so far I find that plug-in confusing and not sure how to make that work, but someone told me it's an easy workaround that doesn't require programming (if you can figure out how to use the plugin correctly).

Once it's complete, I would just need to make sure I know how to use it myself on the backend (if any special thing is needed).

I wouldn't think this should take more than a handful of hours for someone who knows their way around. I am looking to get this completed (tested and all bugs worked out and working like a charm) within 5-10 days -- !!! Please let me know if you are interested and any thoughts or recommendations … Also if you are interested, let me know a time and cost estimate, and estimated completion date. I am willing to do an hourly or a flat rate. Let me know your estimate. Thanks for your time.