Paying hourly for SEO training

Paying hourly for SEO training


Job Description

I am interested in learning solid techniques on SEO over the internet using Teamviewer. You must be an expert in SEO. I and am willing to pay you hourly.

I am interested in learning the following areas in SEO,

1. TOOLS: Show me Tools and websites, links of websites that can help me with my website to manage and see what I need to do.
EXAMPLE: is a GREAT tool for checking "backlinks" and what the hyperlinked keywords are being used.

I am looking to learn step by step instructions, we can do it over skype or teamviewer....and want to make sure you have a list before we start the training of links and what we will cover.

I know the basics of SEO but am looking to learn from you.

1) Please send me topics that you can teach me on so that I am clear what we will cover.

2) What you will charge me per hour.

I am willing to pay per hour and if you are good, I will consistently be hiring you,

Thank you.

Skills: training