Pentaho Integration - Spring security

Pentaho Integration - Spring security


Job Description

Pentaho SSO integration.

We have a inhouse developed product which is developed on J2EE technologies. We would like to integrate Pentaho suite with our application. First thing, we want both the servers to have a single user name and passwords (Note: We dont have to use LDAP or CAS server). Both the servers are on differece machines & both of them have different JVMs. We are generating cookies which is having all the authentication & authorization details of the user & its stored in an encryped way. We can use these cookies to access pentaho. Pentaho integration should be seamless, so that the end user shouldnt realize that on the backend pentaho is being used.

We are having enterprise edition of penthao, penthao adhoc reporting & pentaho dashboard are to be integrated (these tools are having high level of interactivity). All these things should remain as normal & work properly post implementation of SSO.

Brief of the application :- We are using apache velocity, sitemesh, spring security framework & we have to achieve all the things mentioned above via using spring security framework.

Sample is ready from our end. You will have to just authenticate & maintain session in pentaho using encrypted cookies.

Please get back to me with the number of hours :-
The way of implementing

We are a company & we get a lot of work with pentaho & jasper integration. There is one immediate work followed to this of integration with openshift. Good & more importantly fast work will lead to many more jobs from my end

Skills: apache, velocity