Platform Debrid

Platform Debrid


Job Description

The aim is the realization of a "platform Debrid", a site
that allows you to generate premium link from Host to customers
Hoster -------> "PLATFORM DBRID" ---------> CLIENT

Modules to implement:
1. Registration form / login and profile management
This module takes care of the registration form and login, security management during these two phases, the interaction with the database and the user control panel through which you can manage your own profile.
2. Payment form and electronic transactions
This module deals with the management of payment data for users to buy the premium service. Will be implemented to support paypal and other services. Also includes security protocols.
3. Database, security algorithms and data management
This module includes the design and construction of the database, security protocols, its installation and the interface between the database itself and the website.
4. Download service files on hosting services online
This module is responsible for resolving the links obtained by the users, automatically start the download from the server hosting services and store data on the cloud space.
5. Control Panel administrators and administrative tools
This module deals with the implementation of a server side software that allows administrators to take control of the platform of the platform. For example, allow you to view detailed logs of the platform, view the users or those who have not yet paid, to analyze the resources used and those that are still available.
6. Management systems account premium hosting services or streaming online
This module is the most important and handles automatically login as premium users to various hosting services and online streaming supported. This function requires the implementation of specific scripts for each service you intend to support, therefore we will proceed in an incremental manner.

Our result should be similar to these two sites:

Skills: management, paypal, design