Platinum Virtual Assistant

Platinum Virtual Assistant


Job Description

Need a highly skilled personal "Platinum Virtual Assistant" who is tech savvy, has an outgoing and pleasant personality and able to speak fluent english because they will be following up with clients personally. Also must read and write english grammatically correct. Must be able to follow up in a timely manner, do tasks professionally and stay on a timeline.

Being familiar with Personal Development, books such as "Think and Grow Rich" "The Power of Now" and people like Anthony Robbins and Bob Proctor, etc. Is a definitive plus.

Must be able to call the United States, have an unlimited long distance calling strategy, such as Vonage, or SKYPE. Also may need a US Phone number available for clients.

Must be able to work hours typical for business in the United States, Pacific Standard time, Mountain, Central Standard Time and Eastern Standard time when applicable. I am on the Central Standard Time zone but clients may not be.

Most be fluent in and able to use "Audio Acrobat" - "Word Press" - "Ning" and Facebook as well as Linked In. Also Vonage and SKYPE.

Some ability to assist in event planning is an asset.

You will be following up with clients who have chosen to go through a platinum program with me. There will be content that will need to be sent to them, also a follow up phone call that informs them what they need, make sure they have all access to the program, dates put on their schedule, etc. You will also be sending them a thank you gift. You will send them reminder emails, setting up conference calls and following up with simple requests. Also, you will be handling anything administrative regarding payment situations, however any required conversations will not be your responsibility.

Everything you will be doing will already be created, you are not required to structure or create any material, just deliver it. You will need to be familiar with the systems we use however and able to trouble shoot if needed. The ability to create some materials after becoming familiar with them will be an asset, however not an expectation at the start.

You must have a United States phone number - as provided by SYKPE or Vonage, to allow clients call you with issues or problems, if they need, must will be via email however and the things you will be handling in this matter will be delivering materials they may have missed and assisting them in logging in to a forum etc.

Again, english is essential, communication is highly important, you are representing a brand.

Skills: english, facebook, grammar, communication-skills, email-support, writing, google-calendar, interpersonal-skills

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