Port simple .exe to Mac OSX

Port simple .exe to Mac OSX


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I need a simple .exe file ported over to the mac osx.

it does not need to look polished. it just needs to work.

The peripheral is no matter as a barcode scanner is simply an input device. the program allows for keyboard entry as well.

Mainly i need a way to lock 1 or more peripherals to the app even when it is in the background.

This barcode scanning software allows you to track attendance and time cards.

Download from: http://live.perfectmind.com/applications/perfectscannew/perfectScan.application

Hi Scott,

Currently the API is only accessible through .net ; however, there is a framework available called Mono which allows .Net apps to run from Mac OSX. I’ve never used this:

Skills: .net, mac-os-x

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