PrestaShop 1.5.2 multilingual web site

PrestaShop 1.5.2 multilingual web site


Job Description

I. Modifications of the default Mobile theme:
1. Option to select language and currency, in Settings/Menu.
2. Besides this option, Settings/Menu should have the complete mobile menu implemented within itself.
3. These modifications should be applicable in any chosen theme: If we decide to change the theme in the future, modifications will work regardless of the chosen theme.

II. Left menu:
1. Assigning number (quantity) beside each category (ex. Books (122), Poetry (46)…)
2. Sort the listing only in the category “Authors”, by name, ASC: (left menu)
Should list like this:

III. Header:
1. Position Language and Currency menus at the middle-top of the Header, with bigger size and eventually with language names besides flags. This should be editable via CSS, for our future needs.

IV Footer:
1. To be edited/editable: We would like to select the contents of five columns in total.

Prices to be quoted for each item separately. Payment after every arranged milestone is finished. We expect real offers.