Professional Website Enhancement

Professional Website Enhancement


Job Description

We need a professional designer to enhance and update our current website.
There will be no sales or purchasing on this website, just an online catalog.

The previous contractor created a Dynamic website but it is very slow and too simple.
We need someone to continue where the work was left off from and enhance the website and add total of 650 Items with images/detail.

There are a Total of 20 Collections and Total of 650 items within these collections.

1) Must know how to use the domain -
2) Must be able to make website more customer friendly and enhanced.
3) Must revamp the company homepage with new design and make more attractive.
4) Must add a accurate search engine so customer can look up item by name, item number or design.
5) Each collection must be on a separate webpage with all items under such collection.
6) Must upload all 650 items and add accurate information such as (Name, Item number, Style type, Sizes available and other information about the items)
7) This project must be completed within one week.

When you apply for this position share your ideas of how you would take the information we have given you and create the best and most detail oriented website.