Proposal Writer and Coordinator

Proposal Writer and Coordinator


Job Description

A. Assignment
Part-time, billed hourly and assigned to various proposal-related projects as requested by Marshall Moya Design (MMD).

Place of work: MMD office in Washington DC / home - whichever is most convenient for you.

B. Scope of services
1. Marketing services
• Create marketing standards to be used for bid proposals, in particular templates to be used for each type of proposal frequently submitted by MMD
• Create a database to support the bid proposal effort and improve timeliness in producing and completing bid proposals

2. Bid proposals
• Track possible opportunities, identify suitable pursuits and present them to MMD
• Assist MMD in developing a strategy for identifying and bidding new work, identify old and new teams and partners for various proposals
• Production of proposal booklets including writing and layout with assistance as needed by other team members of MMD
• Tracking the bids, producing a ‘lessons learned’ register in the database for future improvements
• Provide any additional assistance as directed

3. Other
1. Assist MMD with any other services for these and other projects as requested.

C. Conditions
1. Software
o All design of booklets shall be done in InDesign and other Adobe Creative Suite software.

o MMD will provide all software necessary for the tasks at hand

2. Work schedule
o The work schedule shall be based on an average of 20hrs/week but time allocation may vary greatly between 10 and 40 hours/week depending on the work load for bid proposals. Work may be performed in MMD offices Monday-Wednesday and at home the remainder of the week.

Skills: marketing, writing