Python Desktop Application - Fetch data over API

Python Desktop Application - Fetch data over API


Job Description

Smart Growth Solutions seeks an experienced software developer to build a desktop application in Python inclusive of a wxPython GUI that fetches client data via the WHMCS API and uses SSL and client side encryption to protect the data transferred and stored.

The purpose of the Desktop Application is to give our clients the ability to authenticate with their WHMCS account and view their client data such as domains, services, upcoming invoices, over due invoices and support tickets from their desktop.

A successful candidate will have experience in;
* Desktop Applications
* Python Development
* wxPython GUI development
* Data transfer via Secure Sockets Layer

The following skills will be an advantage;
* A can do attitude
* Good communication
* Self Managed
* Daily Progress Reports

The successful applicant will be given a set of weekly development milestones.

Due to the nature of the extension, this role is suitable for serious and experienced developers only.