Python/Django based web application

Python/Django based web application


Job Description

Application must run on windows 2008 Server
- User authentication framework, Django (?)

- Must be compatible with IE, Firefox and Safari at a minimum

- Application will present about 8 forms and collect user input. Javascript/JSON (?)

- Each form has about 10 fields. 

- Data collected in each form should be sent through SOAP  for validation. JSON/Python (?)

- validated data should be saved to an MSSQL database

- All code should be well documented and will be code reviewed by me

I have an existing python/pyramid/json/mootools/ajax application. You are welcome to modify this or implement from the application from scratch using a different framework.
Please respond with overall proposal for development plan. Tools/Language etc. Time is of the essence and speed of execution is very critical. Project specification is ready with wireframe and can start immediately. Need first prototype in 48 hours.

Skills: json