Python Webservice

Python Webservice


Job Description

We are looking for a web developer with expertise in Python to join my team for several months. Initially let's start with a small task so we can first get to know each other.
I have a database intensive application developed in Web2py and need to add data to it by webservices.

The task is:
to deploy a prototype web2py app that accesses google docs spreadsheets, and imports the data to the DB. The data in the google spreadsheet is organized by Rows:Type of Data Columns:Months and Cells: Values. The records in the DB Are: Type of Data, Value, Date.

There is only 1 view/html: It asks for the Google Spreadsheet Key/Token, has a "submit button" and returns if there was an error or if data imported successfully. That's all! Don't focus on design, just focus on making clean code.

The ideal candidate:
is very friendly, like the rest of our team. I value intelligence versus experience. Also, you will have excellent english written communication skills, and enjoy giving the rest of the team frequent status updates.

Looking forward to work with you,

Skills: rest, web-services, import, design, english