Re-create a Custom PHP CMS from another finished CMS

Re-create a Custom PHP CMS from another finished CMS


Job Description

● We have just finished creating a custom PHP CMS using this very nice responsive template

● I have another Custom PHP CMS but I don't like the design of it
● So I want to redo it using this template

● A lot of the present HTML & PHP code can be re-used, some more coding to support a few extra options will be needed and some of the existing features which are not necessary for the new CMS will need to be removed

● The new CMS is used for helping people manage website content E.g. WYSIWYG to manage web data, managing media gallery (photo, video, audio), Blog administration, web settings, SEO keywords per page, it also shows the client their domain name & hosting expiry dates....

● So the template is ready with PHP code, The database is ready, The Old CMS is ready - your work will just to recreate the old one using the new template
It will be easy to see all these details from the existing CMS.

In your proposal DON't write a lot, but show me your ability by including links to you best past work of similar nature.


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