Recreate Tables in Drupal Based On Access Table

Recreate Tables in Drupal Based On Access Table


Job Description

I have an Access 2010 Table with data that I need to recreate in Drupal. This task does not include adding the exiting data in Drupal. It is only for;

1. Recreation of the Schema of the backend in Drupal. Just the Content Types.
2. Currently, the tables are designed for just one company. You will need to add fields to the tables so they work for different companies.
3. Installation and setup of Drupal's UberCart so I can take recurring payments using paypal, visa, master card etc from companies.
4. Ubercart should be connected to the registration and signup module as well.

This is the basics of a typical SAS web app for companies to be able to track training requirements for their employees. Currently I don't want you to work on the look of the forms, colors or css, or any additional functionality.

The goal is to be able to test this drupal install as if I was the owner of a company who wants to track employee's training by entering the data in the following tables;

scheduler history,

I forgot to mention that the training table is already created and drupal is installed already.

DO NOT add any of the other small tables that you find in this Access database.

Please, submit examples of websites that are similar to this one. Especially websites that are currently providing a SAS service to companies already.

Thank you very much for your consideration.


Skills: paypal, training, test

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