Recruiter / Project Manager Needed

Recruiter / Project Manager Needed


Job Description

We are hiring a person to help us recruit and staff projects for us including but not limited to social media marketing, content writing, lead generation, administrative support, research, etc. We are expecting you to be able to hire and manage other people effectively but that you will not be doing the actual work for each project.

Our website is and we are a 501c3 non profit located in Sterling, Virginia U.S.A. We value our team members and are looking for someone who is hard working and that enjoys being part of a successful team. Since we are hiring for a long term job, please visit our website and provide your comments on what you think of the content.

We are a fast growing company and if you do a good job for us, then we have more work available. Please provide a list of your experience and qualifications.

Skills: outsourcing