Report by an Expert in Programmable Web Technology

Report by an Expert in Programmable Web Technology


Job Description

We are transferring an application from MS Access to the web.
What should we develop this application in?
Should we use ASP, which translates very directly and hooks well into MS databases or should we explore technology from the web that is not Microsoft related like PHP Ruby and Pearl.
How about hooking up to service like Amazon Web Services?

We need an expert in all of these modern cloud web technologies who can help look at what will give us a low cost, stable, secure, scalable, flexible way to bring our ap to the cloud.

We don't mind burning our current system and building form scratch if there are benefits.

We envision this as a half hour phone call and a short report but are open to suggestions.
Added 28 NOV 2012, 21:48 PM EST
We run a call center with a group of agent that access a common database (less than 10). We hope by going to the cloud we can get rid of the servers here in the office and make them someone else's heada...

Skills: amazon