Run massive online user tests for a web application

Run massive online user tests for a web application


Job Description

- You will be provided with the first version of a simple web app. Your task will consist in running several online user tests on this app via Optimizely, FiveSecondTest, uTest or other massive online user test applications.
-- You will use Mechanical Turk to recruit users and synthesize the results.
- You can choose the part(s) of the app you want to test, and you can choose to do as many tests as you want. Try to have at least 30 mechanical turk users in total.
- Write a summary of the insights of the user tests in a Google Doc so that the developer knows what to improve in the next iteration.
- Estimated time: 4h.
- Deliverables: user test insights + suggestions of improvement in a Google Doc.
- Please refer to the attached pipeline.

[Please include a list of massive online user testing tools you are familiar with, as well as some examples of tests you have been running with them.
Also, please indicate your timezone and all your availabilities over the next 10 days.
Applications that don't meet these requirements will not be reviewed.]

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